​​Established 1854 

​​California's Pioneer Wine House

The powerhouse label rose from an idea generated by three German immigrants, Charles Kohler, John Frohling and John Beautler, while picnicking at Ocean Beach in San Francisco in 1853.  One of the party shared fresh Los Angeles grown grapes, which generated enormous interest.  Inspired by the sea air and crisp grapes, Charles Kohler is said to have declared "Let us build an altar to Bacchus and introduce the wine business on this coast."​ 

Kohler decided that Zinfandel was America's answer to the most popular red wines of France and started planting it extensively.  By the mid 1870s he was bottling Zinfandel, which proved to be extremely popular.

​The Label

The first vintage to be released in over 100 years will be a 2011 Best Zinfandel, to follow in the heritage of Kohler & Frohling's original wine.  Descendant of Charles Kohler, Bert Sandman, along with his wife Cheri, are reviving the historic label and producing Kohler & Frohling Wines.  With fruit from a Sonoma Mountain vineyard, this Glen Ellen location was chosen because of its proximity to Kohler & Frohling Winery ruins at the Jack London State Park.

Labels from K&F Archives